WebSite Hosting Services

We are a re-seller for a hosting service which is a very reliable service with dependable, quick technical support.

Three plans are available:

  Bronze Silver Gold
Disk Space : 20 MB 50 MB 100 MB
Daily Data Transfer : 80 MB 110 MB 200 MB
Monthly Data Transfer : 2000 MB 4000 MB 8000 MB
Email Accounts : 5  10  20
Setup Fee : $20 $20  $20
Monthly Fee : $9.50 $22.50 $30.00

Additional disk space is charged at $10/100 MB per month ($0.01/MB per day).
Additional data transfer is charged at $0.006/MB ($6/1000 MB).

And we can register and setup your own domain name.  If you do not already have a domain name registered, you can check to see if the domain exists by using the Whois script below:

Script by NetWhois Lite v1.0

If your domain name is still available and you're planning on using our hosting service, do not register the name yourself. It will extend the amount of time it takes to complete the setup your page.

All plans include the following features:

  Access your files whenever you need
SSH (Secure Telnet) and FTP access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  Dynamic content
Full CGI, Perl, Server Side Includes (SSI), and PHP 4 access is available.  We also run the very popular open-sourced mySQL database server. Our control panel will allow you to create all the databases you need.

  Powerful email capabilities
You will be be able to administer everything easily using our control panel. You will also have access to your mailboxes from anywhere through our web based email (like hotmail), and we also give POP and SMTP access.

  Secure Server (SSL)
Clients who need it will have the possibility to use our secure server in order to transmit information securely such as credit card numbers or other sensitive information.

  Multimedia content
You will also be able to distribute multimedia content through our Real Audio, Real Video server and quicktime streaming server.