We are a new company and therefore do not have many sites to show of our capabilities.  Our staff has designed and developed many sites for the government, specifically NOAA and NASA, to developing Java Web-based applications utilizing JDBC with Oracle and MySQL databases.  

This NOAA site shows images of meteorological parameters which are dynamically updated every day.  Our staff created all the scripts and image generation software written in C for this site.  Currently, NOAA uses the legacy system with little to no maintenance.

The scripts were developed using standard Unix script language.  Currently, the industry standard for web scripting is PHP, developed by the same group that brought us the Apache web server, which are both public domain software.  Our development and deployment scheme is based on utilizing PHP to provide form scripting that includes accessing an MySQL database, which is also public domain.  This reduces the cost of  development and maintenance for a site.

HBCoins Inc.

Utilizes MySQL database and PHP scripts to dynamically create inventory pages.

HBCoins Inc.


This site utilizes MySQL database and PHP scripts to:

  • Manage a message board
  • Manage chat rooms
  • Provide on-line shopping cart system


Woodworking business specializing in fine cabinets, tables and desks. Setup with Dreamweaver web editing software to easily update the site.


Non-profit swimming team organization. Setup with Dreamweaver web editing software to easily update the site.